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About us

We leverage our investment banking experience with data analytics expertise to deliver pragmatic solutions to our clients. Delivering value is at the heart of everything we do.

Understand the data and the users

We love working with complex data from lots of sources as we are good at diving into such situations to get accessibility and clarity. Our track record of success is substantiated by giving clients a view of their business which they never had before and quickly.

We also appreciate that our clients may not know the scale of their issues and where the most valuable focal point of the analysis should be. That’s fine; it’s what the data discovery process is for. We certainly do not expect a complete specification document to be handed to us on day one.

Understanding the data and what the users want means we let the data guide us so we can modify our analysis and output appropriately.

Our ability to handle the minutiae of data is relevant in all industries

Since 2008 we have been helping our blue chip client base with their data and analytical challenges. Our initial focus was in financial services as we have so much experience there, developing and implementing risk methodologies. However, we found our ability to handle and deal with the minutiae of data was relevant and useful in all the industries we looked at.

Data Tools and Applications

Most software says it can solve your specific problem, easily and better than anyone else.  Readily available screenshots, however, are often thin on the ground.

We use modern data analytical tools that require no or limited coding ability, that create a living picture of your dataflow, connect to lots of different data sources and let the user easily clean and associate the data.

You can see more about this in our data analytics page.

Data visualisation is benefiting from a number of dynamic tools that allow the user to drill down into their area of interest and move them away from static reports and excel.  You can see examples of our work here.

We are happy to tell you the ins and outs of the tools that we like but will also pick up whatever applications you may prefer or have authority to use.

Who we work with…

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