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Geo-location analysis

We were engaged by a client to map out the locations of Play Centers in the US, using the internet as a data source, to explore the relationship between the locations and demographics.

Such information is useful to highlight areas of saturation, under supplied areas or as a proxy for a growing company or product.

A logical process to follow

Screengrab showing Calimere Point data process for Play Centre location data

The geo-location process involves a few stages: obtaining the relevant address data, cleaning it, resolving the address data to latitude and longitude co-ordinates, cleanng it again and plotting the results on a map.

We use a data analytical tool that allows easy manipulation of data and also to act as a versatile container that can call on a variety of third party tools such as web services calls and statistics packages.

Displaying the locations

Having resolved addresses to a latitude and longitude, it is easy for us to display the locations on a map.

However, though this confirms Calimere Point’s ability to accurate geo-locate retail locations on a map at this stage it’s not incredibly useful to the client: more analysis is required.

Screengrab of Calimere Point software showing Play Centre location data

Demographics and Statistical Models

The client wanted us to link demographic data to the Play Center locations: they wanted to discover locations that had a high infant population but had no Play Center within n kilometres.

Using demographics data per zip code, the centre of mass, Play Center location, spherical distance calculations and n-th nearest neighbour modelling we could identify potential opportunities of growth and of oversupply.

A new way of looking at things: demographics and geo-location

The map shows zip codes that have do not have a Play Center within 100 km. The density of purple colouring indicates zip codes that have a high infant population and are at least 100 km from a Play Center.

The client has list of new location opportunities to explore, driven by a key factor in its catchment area strategy.

Screengrab of Calimere Point visualisation showing zip codes that do not have a Play Center within 100 km
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