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BCBS 239 – effective risk data aggregation & reporting

A European investment bank, was looking to accelerate the delivery of their BCBS 239 risk reporting programme

Highly fragmented risk architecture

Our client had a fragmented risk calculation and reporting infrastructure.

This fragmentation made the standardisation and aggregation of key risk metrics highly complex and time consuming.

These challenges meant our client was behind schedule in delivering there reporting requirements under BCBS239.

Accelerating BCBS 239 compliance

We utilised enhanced data analytics to establish the data lineage of key risk metrics from across the risk calculation and reporting landscape.

We established a set of data quality gates which ensured key risk metrics complied with a strict set of data standards.

The combination of data lineage and data quality analytics enabled aggregation of risk metrics from across different business lines to support BCBS239 reporting.

Data analytics driven acceleration

Our use of enhanced data analytics greatly accelerated the delivery of the BCBS 239 programme for our client.

Leveraging our combined risk and data analytics expertise allowed us to rapidly identify and define the required metrics and specify the relevant data quality checks.

Our hands-on approach allowed our client to deliver on its BCBS239 requirements and satisfy regulatory requirements.

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