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Geolocation analytics provides our clients with the power to leverage geo-spatial data to identify opportunities. Mapping latitudinal and longitudinal attributes allows clients to build geographical views of the competitive landscape

Leveraging geolocation

Our client, a global retailer, was looking to identify competitive opportunities by leveraging geospatial analytics. The ability to map the latitudinal and longitudinal information of competitors and to overlay demographic data helped identify optimal new store locations.

The power of visualisation

Our approach involved web scrapping competitor and publicly available demographic data. Using data analytics technologies, we were able to establish the geospatial co-ordinates of competitor locations and to overlay the demographic data scrapped.

Using cutting edge data visualisation tooling, we mapped the geospatial co-ordinates to allow senior stakeholders to identify optimal locations based on the competitive landscape and demographic attributes.

The approach proved a powerful tool for our client, it allowed them to understand and communicate the competitive landscape to support their expansion decisions.

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