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Operational data analytics

Increased focus on cost reduction and operational process efficiency by financial services firms, has increased demand for analytics in this space

Applied analytics to improve operational efficiency

Understanding operational process flows has become a central element of the move towards greater automation. Tracking existing flows allows the identification and quantification of inefficiencies which allow automation development expenditure to be highly targeted.

Deriving value from better operational data

The application of data analytics technologies has allowed increased granularity in understanding operational process flows. This granularity allows management to understand process inefficiencies and to target cost concentrations.

Using enhanced data analytics to incorporate non-traditional data sources, such as system logs, to fully expose granular process flows. The provision of data driven evidence allow management to quantify the impact of process improvements and to accurately determine the ROI of process enhancements.

We have worked with a number of senior management teams across our clients to enhance operational performance. The use of data driven evidence ensures process improvements are de-risked and highly targeted. The repeatable nature of the analytics allows senior stakeholders to develop time series analysis to track and quantify process changes.

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