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Revenue assurance

Revenue Assurance is a key control function across all industry sectors. Using granular analytics facilitates the construction of revenue assurance frameworks

Driving revenue assurance using data analytics

The construction of revenue assurance control processes require the ability to pull together disparate data sets to provide a holistic view of billed versus booked revenue.

Data driven revenue assurance

Highly complex pricing infrastructure and models are a potential point of weakness for control processes. High transactional flows often make it difficult to identify control gaps.

The use of data analytics enable disparate data sources to be brought together to replicate existing billing processes. Our approach leverages data analytics to bring together transactional flows, pricing schedules to recalculate invoice balances. We then source client invoice data to allow any discrepancies to be identified and reported.

Our revenue assurance engagements have realised significant ROI for our clients. The use of repeatable data analytics enables the establishment of a robust revenue assurance framework to ensure ongoing control.

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