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FX Dashboard

Automated tracking and monitoring of FX hedges with on-demand market data

We’ve got to go beyond excel

We know the world is run on excel, but as clients grow or volatility increases, more robust and less operationally vulnerable solutions are often sought after.  CPRA’s cloud hosted FX dashboard is a case in point.

It provides details of clients’ FX positions; the maturity profile; cumulative hedge costs and mark to market using on-demand fx rates.

It’s simple, robust and consistent.




  • On demand FX rate feed: automatic daily update and manual refresh
  • Hedge input via standard template upload or auto upload via FX Counterparty’s data feed
  • 2-factor authentication web dynamic dashboard with excel download
  • SFTP flat file if required
  • Email alerts for  impending maturity


The dashboard is provided by CPRA’s hosted platform and accessed by the client via two factor authentication.  Clients simply provide new hedges and any amendments via a secure upload process.

If necessary, we will clean and upload your hedge history to allow cumulative hedge costs to be calculated.

Market data, which can be provided by CPRA, is refreshed on a scheduled basis and can also be refreshed by the user.

Basic information provided by the dashboard includes maturity profiles by currency pair or sell currency.

Visual indicators include hedge maturity warnings, that can be defined by the user.  Email alerts can also be sent to a specified set of users if hedges are not renewed.

Mark to market thresholds can be set by the user as well.

Full details of the hedges; mark to market; near and far leg rates; cumulative hedge costs are available  and exportable to excel.

It’s not just a dashboard of the current situation.  Sensitivity analysis is also provided, both preset FX market shifts are provided and user inputted levels.

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