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Behavioural pattern analysis

Increased scrutiny by regulators and internal control functions around trader behaviour has prompted our client’s desire to track behavioural patterns

Behavioural pattern analysis execution

Combining our deep financial markets knowledge and data analytics expertise we have delivered a number of pattern recognition solutions for our financial services clients. These solutions allow internal control teams to isolate and track trader behaviour patterns to identify potential anomalies.

Tracking illicit trader behaviour

Enhanced regulatory scrutiny has driven our clients demand to construct more pro-active control processes to identify possible market manipulation or illicit trading activity.

Our use of transactional level data to develop statistical approaches to identify non-standard trading practices provides internal control teams with granular evidence to pro-actively challenge trading desks to ensure compliance with internal controls and standard market practices.

Leveraging the power of data analytics to enhance behavioural pattern analysis has revolutionised the internal control landscape – our combined financial markets and data analytics expertise put us at the forefront of this revolution.

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