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Regulatory reporting

Weaknesses exposed by the financial crisis have led to an explosion in demand by regulators for granular information from financial services firms.

Towards timely, complete and accurate reporting

The increase in demand from regulators for timely, complete and accurate data from financial services firms has prompted an industry wide shift in the use of data analytics. Regulatory programmes such as EMIR, MIFID2 and BCBS 239 all place demands on firms to provide accurate data.

Delivering regulatory reporting

Our clients have typically faced a number of challenges in developing a coherent regulatory reporting approach; disparate data sources, poor data quality and lack of data lineage.

We have applied our financial markets and data analytics expertise to rapidly address these challenges for our clients.

The use of enhanced data analytics technologies allows data to be sourced, normalised and aggregated from disparate sources. Using lineage tacking and data quality checks to enhance the completeness and accuracy of the data reported.

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