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Our purpose: create value

Using our extensive experience and proven solutions, we help our clients gain a deeper understanding of their organisations.

We unleash our client’s greatest asset: their Data

We have delivered 250+ complex data analytics and visualisation solutions across our diverse client base, generating $150m+ of proven revenue uplift / cost reduction benefits for our clients – it’s what we do.

Supporting organisations every step of their journey of turning data into value

Different organisations are at different points along their data journey. At one end of the spectrum there are those wrestling with the basics of sourcing, normalising and aligning data to start to derive insights. At the other end are firms looking to implement cutting edge data science techniques & AI / ML solutions to revolutionise the way they do business.

Calimere Point has developed an unparalleled track record in supporting our clients along every step of this journey – combining our deep industry experience with cutting edge data analytics and visualisation expertise to deliver value for our clients.

Custom solutions for complex environments delivered fast

Every organisation’s data is unique; with nuances on how and where it’s captured, how it’s structured and how it flows and is used across the different areas of the organisation. Larger the organisation = greater the level of data complexity.

Our value comes from leveraging cutting edge data analytics & visualisation technologies and techniques, to deliver custom solutions that cut through this complexity and deliver real quantifiable value for your organisation faster.

Chi-pa Choi
Director & Co-Founder
Peter Griffiths
Director & Co-Founder
Leadership Team

Our Data

Please contact our team for an introductory discussion on how we can help your organisation realise the value from leveraging your data.