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Data Analytics Driven Automation

Unleashing the power of your Organisation

The constantly evolving needs for new data processes to answer business or regulatory requirements across many industry verticals have often led to the proliferation of manual workarounds.

These workarounds typically involve vast swathes of excel processes and manual reporting via PowerPoint or similar technologies.

The manual nature of these processes make them large cost bottlenecks for organisations, tying up highly-skilled resources who could be generating additional business value. These processes also generate high levels of operational risk due to the manual transformation of data.

We have developed an unparalleled track record in applying data analytics and visualisation techniques and technologies to automate these manual processes in a cost effective manner.

This approach allows large scale process enhancement to be de-risked, by applying an iterative delivery model rapidly. The data analytics driven automation exercises delivered to date have a proven ROI of approximately 10x.

Data Analytics Driven Automation

Use Cases

Calimere Point have helped our clients gain value from the data revolution.