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Data Analytics Driven Automation

Data Automation



Automating the Inventory Analytics Platform for European high-end fashion distributor

Ensuring correct inventory was crucial because this distributor signed distribution agreements with niche high-end fashion brands and leveraged relationships with some of the world’s most famous retail stores.

Solving critical Inventory Management problems

Inventory management is vital in high-end fashion. This is because logistics lead times tend to be longer and so monitoring changing inventory patterns is vital.

Industry: Retail & Leisure


No Unified and Efficient System

Our client was reliant on daily sales and stock information for each brand from reports they received from each of the retail stores they sold into.

Challenges in Standardising Sales and Stock Metrics Reporting Across 35+ Retail Stores

In each case, each of the 35+ retail stores used a myriad of different formats and in some cases product references to report key sales and stock metrics.

Costly and Error-Prone Reporting

Our client had previously relied on a team of resources to manually collate and aggregate these reports. The manual efforts were costly, time consuming and prone to error – this resulted in significant issues in managing inventory across the product portfolio and stock-outs.

Data Solution

Transforming Retail Data Management: Automating Sales and Stock Report Integration with Data Analytics and Visualisation Expertise

Calimere Point, leveraging our data analytics and visualisation expertise, were engaged by the client to automate the consumption, alignment and aggregation of the sales and stock reports received from each of the retail stores.

Delivering Real-time Sales and Stock Monitoring

We delivered a data visualisation solution which allowed our client and their underlying brands to monitor sales and stock levels across their product portfolio on a T+1 basis.

Data Standardisation

The solution involved leveraging Calimere Point’s data splicing algorithms to drive standardisation of product information across 100+ daily sales and stock reports.

With Calimere Point's inventory analytics, a leading retailer gained data-driven insights that lead to more efficient and profitable business decisions. 

Rapid Deployment in the Cloud

Rapid / low cost delivery of a cutting edge automated inventory analytics platform – delivered via our cloud-based data analytics platform CPRA Cloud.

Data automation

Our client was able to capture significant cost / efficiency gains from the automation of this previously manual exercise.

Drove new distribution activity

Inventory management visualisation solution offered to brand clients and became a key asset in attracting new distribution relationships.

Existing clients reported significant efficiency gains from having enhanced inventory metrics at their fingertips.

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