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SingleView Client Analytics Solution

Data Matching Precision: Powering Client Alignment

Trusted by global organisations

Introducing SingleView: Your All-in-One Customer Data Alignment Solution

Say goodbye to scattered customer data repositories and disjointed datasets. With SingleView, we offer a proven solution to deliver a unified view of your customer's data.

Experience seamless customer data alignment with our SingleView solution. Designed to provide a coherent view of your customer data, it's a fully repeatable, plug-and-play solution that is proven to vastly accelerate customer data alignment for your ongoing needs.

Algorithmic Approach

SingleView solution leverages powerful sets of data analytics algorithms to align client data sets across your organisation.

Plug-and-Play Solution

Fully productionised engine, user only needs to define input data sets and relevant fields.

Proven Technology

Leveraged by a number of financial and non-financial customers to deliver standardised and aligned client data sets.

Repeatable Algorithmic Process

Allows continuous validation of client data alignment – ensures ongoing cleanliness of firm wide data.

Data Remediation Accelerator

Partial match data highlights mismatching data elements which can then be targeted for investigation and remediation.

Analysing data intelligently

Enhanced Client Centricity
SingleView provides internal teams with granular client information to help them proactively manage client relationships.

Client Activity Monitoring and Reporting
SingleView allows business stakeholders and relationship managers to track client activity across the organisation.

Improved Control Infrastructure
SingleView provides full visibility of client interactions across the organisation and identify suspicious activity.

Client Profitability Analytics
SingleView allows alignment of client revenue and cost data from across the organisation to drive client profitability analysis.

KYC/AML Controls
SingleView allows client records to be validated against internal and external data sets.

How does SingleView work?

SingleView is your go-to tool for addressing regulatory challenges related to customer data swiftly. Its robust algorithm can handle millions of customer records from multiple sources, making it suitable for operations of any scale. Streamline your data management and gain a comprehensive view of your customers with SingleView.
Data Sourcing, Cleansing & Normalisation

The solution offers the flexibility to choose input client data sets in any format and is equipped to perform data cleansing and matching processes on various data sources, including both internal and external data. It employs advanced algorithmic techniques and splicing methods to achieve highly normalized data sets, enhancing matching accuracy. Furthermore, it can seamlessly handle large client data sets, making it volume-agnostic and capable of executing logic efficiently across diverse data volumes.

Matching Protocols

The SingleView solution employs a sequence of powerful matching algorithms. This technique enhances the key set, enabling multi-criteria matching and significantly reducing false positives. The algorithm systematically tests all records in data set 1 against those in data set 2, ensuring the identification of the best matching candidates and marking each match with a unique sequence identifier.

Scoring Protocols

The system assigns scores to attribute level assessments, enabling users to fine-tune control over false positives. Users can choose from preset scores or create their own custom metrics to align with their specific requirements. The adaptable interface also permits users to experiment with various scoring protocols to identify the most effective combination for their needs.

Driving matching precision: The Art of Data Splicing

The data splicing algorithm allows us to execute the precise extraction of key attributes of customer data however the information is provided. These extracted attributes are used to provide an enriched set of keys to drive the matching algorithms – more precise keys = more precise matching.

Example of complex address structures

At first glance customer data appears simple, but in reality it is complex and nuanced. Much of the customer data held by organisations has been manually entered, and so is rife with errors and inconsistencies. The SingleView solution utilises advanced data splicing methods to improve the alignment and matching of data sets.

Better and larger set of matching keys = Better matching precision

The initial phase of data fragmentation involves consolidating all address lines into one continuous data string. Subsequently, the SingleView algorithm employs splicing techniques to recognise data patterns and extract essential address components in a standardised format. This methodology guarantees the ability to identify and extract specific data elements from address information, regardless of its presentation.

SingleView Client Analytics Case Studies

Unlock the Power of Data with SingleView Client Analytics

Request a Demo now and discover how SingleView can revolutionise your client insights and analytics.

Peter Griffiths

Co-Founder & CEO
Peter is the co-founder and CEO of Calimere Point and has been with the firm since its inception in 2009. Prior to founding Calimere Point he spent the first 15 years of his career in Investment Banking, working within trading, structuring and risk management disciplines across a number of asset classes. Peter has a Masters in Finance from London Business School, a BSc in Economics and Finance from Oxford Brookes University and is a qualified accountant (CIMA qualification).

Dominique Nelson-Esch

Chief Marketing Officer

Dominique is a multi-disciplinary visual designer, communications and brand strategist, with a two-decade journey in collaborating with startups and SMEs. Her portfolio includes consulting for over 100 businesses globally, where she managed branding, design, and digital communications.

Dominique’s extensive background in financial services equips her with a nuanced understanding of our industry landscape, including 14 years in financial services, holding key roles such as Head of Portfolio Risk Audit and Niche Portfolio Management for major Insurers.

In her current role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Calimere Point, Dominique focuses on strategically positioning and promoting the firm. Her goal is to enhance brand awareness and establish market leadership through innovative marketing strategies that highlight Calimere Point’s expertise in delivering impactful data-driven solutions.