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Making an impact through Data Analytics

Empowering charities and humanitarian initiatives

We help social and humanitarian organisations identify and augment their data.

What if you had data from 100+ countries, thousands of projects, 30,000 employees, hundreds of millions in donor funds, and couldn't measure its impact?
of non-profits use data to make strategic decisions
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While only 70% collect data on their programs' outcomes.
(Study by the Center for Effective Philanthropy)

Data analytics - a powerful tool for a better future

The value of data analytics has already been proven for commercial enterprises. Now, it's possible for data analytics to play an important role in solving humanitarian issues such as climate change, hunger, deforestation, extinction of species, and more. Data analytics can be a powerful tool for charities to improve their operations, increase their impact, and ultimately achieve their mission of helping those in need - by leveraging data analytics to gain insight and information.

Non-profit organisations often struggle to capture comparative impact metrics and align these with financial and other operational data sets; these challenges make harnessing the power of analytics difficult. Addressing these challenges require expertise in sourcing, cleansing, normalising and aligning data sets from disparate sources before cutting edge data analytics solutions can be applied to drive insight. Calimere Point can support organisations every step of this journey.

We believe analytics are an incredibly powerful tool, and our goal is to support nonprofits to amplify their impact by equipping them with the right data solutions.

What data challenges do charities face?

We understand that charities may face several challenges when it comes to obtaining and using data analytics effectively:
Data Fragmentation
Charities may collect data from various sources such as donation forms, social media, and website analytics, which can lead to data fragmentation. Integrating these data sources can be difficult and time-consuming.
Lack of Data Analysis Skills
Charities may lack the internal expertise needed to analyse and interpret data. Data analytics requires specialised skills and knowledge in statistics, programming, and data visualisation.
Limited Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making
Many charities prioritise their mission over data-driven decision making. There may be a lack of understanding about the potential benefits of data analytics and how it can help achieve their mission and goals.

Leveraging data insights for global impact.

Project comparative impact analytics is a valuable tool for charities to measure and communicate the impact of their work, improve their programs and services, and build stronger relationships with donors and supporters. Using complex data analytics and technologies, we've established a global impact assessment platform for a Global Humanitarian Charity.

Data Analytics Services

How we're using data analytics to empower charities and humanitarian initiatives

Identifying and understanding beneficiaries

Data analytics can help charities to better understand the needs and characteristics of their beneficiaries. By analysing demographic data, behavioral patterns, and other relevant information, organisations can tailor their programs and services to meet the needs of their target audience.

Measuring Impact

Charities can use data analytics to track and measure the impact of their programs and initiatives. This can help them to identify areas for improvement and optimise their resources to achieve the greatest possible impact.

Improving Fundraising

Data analytics can help charities and humanitarian initiatives to identify potential donors, segment them based on their interests and giving patterns, and personalise their messaging and outreach strategies. This can help organisations to increase donations and maximise their fundraising efforts.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations and improve efficiency. By analysing data on staffing, resource allocation, and program outcomes, organisations can identify areas where they can reduce costs and improve their overall effectiveness.

Case Study on Project Comparative Impact Analytics

Project comparative impact analytics for charities involves comparing the impact of different charitable projects in order to determine which ones are the most effective. The goal of such an analysis is to help charities optimise their efforts by focusing on the projects that are making the greatest positive difference. Our client, a Global Humanitarian Charity, engaged Calimere Point to help them define and calculate data-driven impact assessment measures from across their activities globally.

Peter Griffiths

Co-Founder & CEO
Peter is the co-founder and CEO of Calimere Point and has been with the firm since its inception in 2009. Prior to founding Calimere Point he spent the first 15 years of his career in Investment Banking, working within trading, structuring and risk management disciplines across a number of asset classes. Peter has a Masters in Finance from London Business School, a BSc in Economics and Finance from Oxford Brookes University and is a qualified accountant (CIMA qualification).

Dominique Nelson-Esch

Chief Marketing Officer

Dominique is a multi-disciplinary visual designer, communications and brand strategist, with a two-decade journey in collaborating with startups and SMEs. Her portfolio includes consulting for over 100 businesses globally, where she managed branding, design, and digital communications.

Dominique’s extensive background in financial services equips her with a nuanced understanding of our industry landscape, including 14 years in financial services, holding key roles such as Head of Portfolio Risk Audit and Niche Portfolio Management for major Insurers.

In her current role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Calimere Point, Dominique focuses on strategically positioning and promoting the firm. Her goal is to enhance brand awareness and establish market leadership through innovative marketing strategies that highlight Calimere Point’s expertise in delivering impactful data-driven solutions.