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Data Services

As a result of our extensive experience and proven data analytics solutions, we help our clients understand their organisations better and make critical decisions with confidence.

Harness your data.
Understand your data.
Trust your data.
Leverage your data.

Trusted by clients to deliver data analytics and data visualisation

Data Analytics

Our track record in delivering data analytics has been unparalleled, and we have gained a reputation in the financial services industry for delivering quantifiable value to our clients.

Regardless of the industry, the ethos remains the same, combining deep industry knowledge with cutting edge analytics techniques to deliver game-changing results.

Extracting value from data

When others are drowning in data complexity,
we connect with context.

Our Data Analytics expertise has revolutionised organisations that wish to harness the power of their data. These tools enable business users to express logic coherently over millions of rows of data, across multiple data sources, and across hundreds of rules.

How we extract value from data

Value case definition
Work with key business stakeholders to establish value case for the solution proposed. Combine our extensive commercial experience with cutting-edge data analytics delivery expertise to support stakeholders in defining the target solution.
Light touch, low IT burden
Non-invasive approach to data sourcing, allows data to be pulled from existing repositories in flexible formats enabling business validated processes to be immediately put into production or used as validated prototypes
Connect data from anywhere
Out-of-the-box connectivity to key data sources eliminates the dependency on strategic data warehouse or data model definition. Allows data analytics solutions, which deliver real tangible business value, to be monetised faster.
Data integration
We can combine previously unconnected data sets in an efficient manner by combining data from disparate sources. Through the enrichment of these data sets, we can uncover previously unseen patterns in the data and identify sources of value for our clients.
Drop Intelligence everywhere
Drag and drop visual modelling with analytic building blocks that can be combined by dragging and dropping. Layers and layers of business rules can be logically organized, and drag and drop means data can be rerouted to follow the most interesting highlights.
Advanced data visualisation
Leverage powerful data visualisation tools to bring the data story to life for users. Providing dynamic dashboard solutions to present a coherent data to stakeholders across your organisation.

The evolution from Excel and PowerPoint based reporting to attractive dynamic dashboards.

Fully Automated Data Visualisation

With the use of visualisation technologies, Calimere Point aids data storytelling, allowing senior management stakeholders to identify opportunities for value creation.

Analyse, discover, and interact to reveal powerful insights
Embed intelligence everywhere with dynamic dashboards
Scale analytics across the entire business to drive future growth
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