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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Unlocking Insights, Powering Decisions: AI-Driven Data Analytics Excellence

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and it’s subfield of Machine Learning (“ML”) have the power to revolutionise entire industries.

Those organisations that can harness the power of this technology will be at the forefront of this revolution – Calimere Point can help empower your organisation to embrace the future.

It is the topic that is front and centre with all our clients – How do we embrace AI/ML within our organisation?

The arrival of publicly available generative AI models such as ChatGPT has unleashed a huge spike in interest in the topic of AI/ML with organisations across different industry verticals. We are supporting clients in assessing, selecting and delivering AI solutions that can help revolutionise their business processes and drive productivity.


of businesses are using or exploring AI.

Source: TechJury

Defining the art of the possible

Artificial intelligence, and the subfield of machine learning, covers a wide variety of data science techniques and technologies which all fall under the umbrella of AI. For most organisations, the first step in successfully embedding artificial intelligence requires them to carry out a mapping of business processes and data assets with available AI solutions. Answering questions such as:

In the finance industry, AI-powered chatbots are projected to save banks $7.3 billion by 2023.

By 2025, it's estimated that the number of IoT devices worldwide will reach 75.44 billion, all of which generate data that can be analysed with AI algorithms.

MIT Technology Review

Leveraging Calimere Point’s expertise

Calimere Point’s data science expertise and deep real world experience in using data analytics to create value for our clients make us a natural partner to help your organisation define the art of the possible.

Proven Excellence Worldwide

15 year track-record of delivering hundreds of cutting-edge data analytics solutions to our global client base across industry verticals.

Unlocking £150M+ in Tangible Value

£150m+ in proven revenue generation or cost reduction realised by our clients.

Hands-On Expertise

Direct experience in delivering AI/ML solutions to our clients.

Pragmatic Value-Driven Solutions

Pragmatic advice – the solution we propose and deliver will be based on what will optimise value for the client, not on what the latest hype is.

Independent Advice

As a firm, we are not selling specific technologies, we work with the client to determine the best technology to implement the solution, often leveraging solutions already in use within the organisation.

Flexible Delivery Model

Either on-prem or via our secure cloud based infrastructure.

How do we engage?

To learn more about how your business could leverage AI/ML to drive value within your organisation, please reach out to our team at Calimere Point.

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