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Value Drivers

Pricing Analytics and Revenue Uplift

Unleashing the Power of Analytics to Drive P&L Growth

The pricing of products and services sold to customers may at first look appear simple; but with large volumes of individual customers, with different payment schedules, in different countries, in different volume brackets, with agreements agreed at different points in time, with different prices for different baskets of products – things can get thoroughly complex.

Calimere Point have worked with our clients to deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions, including AI, to identify mispricing and revenue leakage patterns which would simply not be visible using traditional approaches.

These pricing analytics exercises have delivered significant revenue uplift whilst also setting product and client level caps to manage and prevent client attrition. Unleashing the power of analytics to drive P&L growth.

Pricing Analytics and Revenue Uplift

Use Cases

Calimere Point have helped our clients gain value from the data revolution.