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Value Drivers

Deep Dive Data Lineage

Driving Data Process Enhancements

Data process flows through organisations are often highly complex, involving multiple layers of transformation, enrichment and aggregation. These transformation layers may be driven by systemic logic as well as manual interventions at different steps along the process. This complexity often makes it impossible to ascertain the causes of data issues received by downstream processes and assign an accurate route cause.

Calimere Point have developed an unparalleled track record in delivering deep dive data lineage solutions that allow us to fully map the transformational landscape and provide quantifiable root cause metrics.

Other solutions look at the metadata view of data; we drill into each individual data attribute at the record level, thus providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their transformational landscape.

This revolutionary approach ensures our clients get accurate information about their data flows and can test, deploy and track remediation activities with greater precision to resolve issues for downstream consumers.

Deep Dive Data Lineage

Use Case

Calimere Point have helped our clients gain value from the data revolution.