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CPRA Cloud Analytics-as-a-Service

Making powerful data analytics available to all.

Cloud Analytics Platform that redefines Data Insights: Unprecedented efficiency, precision, and scalability.

Calimere Point’s Analytics-as-a-Service model provides our clients with access to our data analytics and visualisation delivery expertise via our market leading cloud-based infrastructure. This allows us to design, deliver and host cutting-edge bespoke analytics solutions on behalf of our clients on an ultra-secure cloud platform.

The Genesis

Many organisations lack the scale and expertise to develop their own in-house data analytics capability.

Trusted by financial services clients all over the globe

CPRA Cloud: Unleash Data value with a tailored Analytics Platform

CPRA Cloud provides a tailored platform solution that allows clients to leverage Calimere Point’s unparalleled data analytics and visualisation experience to extract value from their data.

Features of the Analytics-As-A-Service Model

Delivery Model
Secure cloud based infrastructure, leveraging the optimal suite of data analytics and visualisation technologies.

Client Characteristics
Small or medium size organisations with little to no data analytics or visualisation infrastructure.

Delivery Approach
Client data is securely stored in the cloud. Calimere Point resources design, develop and implement solutions on cloud platform.

Pricing Model
Subscription based pricing model, offering cost-effectiveness, scalability, flexibility, and convenience.

Support Model
Calimere Point provide ongoing maintenance support and handle delivery of solution changes.

Empowering Organisations with advanced Analytics: The cost-effective and efficient benefits of CPRA Cloud

Our CPRA Cloud Analytics-as-a-service platform provides a flexible and efficient solution for organisations of all sizes to harness the power of data analytics to drive better business decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

Rapid Time to Market

Leverage our data analytics expertise to develop bespoke solutions fast with pre-built analytics tools and frameworks. Faster deployment and integration into existing systems.

Scheduling & Orchestration

Allows automation of repeatable manual processes.

Subscription Pricing Model

The cost of the solution can be amortised over its lifetime with low upfront expenditure.

Low Cost of Access

Leverage data analytics technologies and data science resources to develop bespoke solutions only when you need them.


As a cloud-based platform, it’s easily accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows organisations to scale their analytics needs up or down as required without worrying about infrastructure constraints.

Data Security & Compliance

We have invested heavily in the most secure cloud infrastructure and data security measures, including SFTP data transfer, secure cloud infrastructure, two-factor authentication.

AaaS Delivered: Unleashing the Power of Data with an Analytics Centre of Excellence

Whether delivering immediate benefits to our clients or opening up long-term vision and growth opportunities for them, we have an unparalleled track record of delivering effective and successful Analytics Cloud implementations to the Financial Services, Retail and Leisure and Media industries.

CPRA Cloud Platform Case Studies

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