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Client-centric Management Information Solution (MIS)




Deeper Insight, Better Decisions

The transaction banking arm of a European Universal Bank, was looking to develop of a cutting edge Management Information Solution (MIS) to allow them revolutionise their client-centricity.

Industry: Investment Banking


Wrangling the Data

The cash management business has a large global footprint, over time this had resulted in a highly fragmented billing and charging landscape.

Disparate Data Sources

We needed to extract, normalise and merge data from 35+ global billing and charging systems.

Poor Client Hierarchy

In addition, we needed to construct a robust methodology to link together clients across different locations to ensure a robust client hierarchy.

Data Solution

Developing the MIS Solution

Client revenue and volume in aggregate and on a product level with historical time series, product pricing and methodology by client / product combination.

Data Process Design

The use of enhanced data analytics tooling allowed the development of a robust and repeatable process which enabled a historical time series to be developed.

Data Flow

This information was exposed on a global basis and was constructed using the aggregation of highly granular transactional flows.

Value Delivered

We worked with internal sales teams and operational teams to incorporate their requirements into the MIS solution developed, thus enhancing the “bang for the buck”.

A powerful MIS tool driving client centricity and enhancing profitability

Informed Pricing Strategy Assessment

The ability to see the historical evolution of client / product revenues and volumes gave sales teams a powerful insight into their clients behaviour combined with the ability to view comparative pricing across client / product and volume brackets allowed constant assessment of pricing strategies.

Proactive, not Reactive

Overlays were developed to set flags for significant volume / revenue changes over time to allow sales teams to be responsive to changes in client behaviour in order to minimise client attrition rates.

Deeper Client Insight

The MIS solution developed revolutionised the way our transaction banking client viewed their customers.

Scenario Planning

Volume metrics allowed operational teams to assess existing resource allocation and to analyse “what-if” scenarios to more accurately plan.

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