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Regulatory Compliance / Transformation

Elevating Risk Management,


and Control

Empowering Investment Risk Oversight for a $50 Billion Asset Management leader

At Calimere Point, we are proud to have been chosen by our valued client, a prominent Global Asset Management firm managing approximately $50 billion in Assets under Management (AuM). Their commitment to continuous improvement led them to seek our specialized expertise in Investment Risk oversight for their diverse range of funds.

Our mission is to support our clients' financial objectives in an environment of constant change.

Recognising the importance of strengthening their Investment Risk function within the broader control landscape, the management committee made a strategic decision to engage Calimere Point. In today's ever-changing financial landscape, the need for a robust risk management strategy is paramount.

What sets Calimere Point apart is our dedicated team, comprising experienced professionals with extensive risk management expertise across all major asset classes. We have a rich history of serving clients in Investment Banking, Asset Management, and Alternatives, enabling us to offer a comprehensive approach to managing risk.

Industry: Financial Services, Asset Management


Identifying the need for constructive challenge

Senior management committees had identified a lack of constructive challenge from the Investment Risk function.

High latency in Key Risk Report Distribution

Lack of innovation in the Investment Risk function had resulted in a high degree of latency in the preparation and distribution of key risk reports.

External support for a "Best-in-Breed" Investment Risk Function

The lack of constructive challenge from the Investment Risk function, coupled with the lack of innovation, prompted senior management to seek external support to generate a “best-in breed” Investment Risk Function.

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Assessing Investment Risk Controls and Infrastructure

Calimere Point, leveraging our extensive risk management expertise, began by assessing the existing set of Investment Risk controls and infrastructure.

Developing a Comprehensive Risk and Control Framework

The team worked alongside internal compliance and operational risk teams to provide and enhanced risk and control framework.

Enhancing Liquidity Management and Hedging Protocols

The team worked with portfolio managers and senior executives to propose enhancements to transform areas such as liquidity management and hedging protocols to mitigate Investment Risk concentrations.

Elevating Risk Management: Building resilience, enhancing insight, and empowering decision-making.

Elevating Risk Reporting for informed decision-making

Improved the latency and depth of risk reporting to provide a better platform to challenge portfolio and senior management teams.

Strengthening Firm-Wide Control Infrastructure

Delivered a robust Investment Risk function to greatly strengthen the firm-wide control infrastructure.

Enhancing Risk Concentration Management

Developed and implemented solutions to better identify, quantify and mitigate risk concentrations.

These efforts resulted in a significantly enhanced firm-wide control infrastructure, better risk concentration management, and improved risk reporting for more effective portfolio and senior management decision-making.

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