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Regulatory Compliance / Transformation

Empowering Swiss Banking

with agile NFR Solutions

Streamlining the NFR platform by simplifying its interface and improving its performance

Our client, a renowned Swiss Universal Bank, entrusted Calimere Point with the task of improving their Non-Financial Risk (NFR) controls platform. Over time, the NFR landscape had grown in complexity due to evolving regulatory requirements and additional audit controls aimed at managing operational risk.

Our mission: Simplifying NFR for Swiss Banking

The NFR controls platform had become increasingly cumbersome for users as new functionalities were added in response to regulatory changes. Our mission was to simplify and optimize the platform while ensuring it remained compliant with the latest standards.

The NFR had evolved significantly over time as new regulatory requirements and audit controls had been adopted as part of operational risk mitigation programmes. The resultant NFR platform had become increasingly slow and difficult for users to navigate as additional functionality was bolted-on to the solution.

Industry: Financial Services, Investment Banking


Performance and Usability Issues

The resultant NFR platform became increasingly slow and difficult for users to navigate as additional functionality was added, leading to a decline in user satisfaction and efficiency.

Compliance and Regulatory Pressure

The NFR platform had been declared "not fit for purpose," putting our client under significant pressure from external regulators and internal audit teams to rectify the issues raised.

Past Failed Enhancement Attempts

Previous attempts to enhance the platform had failed, indicating the need for a new approach to overcome technical and operational obstacles.

Data Solution

Strategic Data Consulting: Enhancing speed and user experience

Calimere Point, leveraging our strategic data consulting experience, were engaged by the client to identify fixes to the NFR platform to enhance speed and user experience.

Rigorous testing: Ensuring system completeness and controls

Design, construct and implement a set of detailed test plans to ensure that the complex changes made to the system back-end database and front-end platform did not impact system completeness and controls.

Redesigning the Data Model: Enhancing latency

The Calimere Point team worked with internal and external IT teams to redesign the underlying data model of the system to vastly enhance latency.

User journey assessment: Streamlining navigation and enhancing user experience

We also carried out deep dive assessments of user journeys through the system to understand priority sections and to simplify navigation and to enhance the look and feel.

Empowering efficiency: 95% productivity enhancement for the 14,000 users

95% reduction in system latency

The solution delivered resulted in a 95% reduction in system latency at peak times, meaning users could highlight risks and issues, validate controls far faster.

Productivity Increase for 14k users

The solutions resulted in a large scale productivity uplift for the NFR control platform’s 14,000 active users.

Significant time and effort savings

The user experience changes made resulted in further time and effort savings across the organisation, as users were able navigate the solution in a far more streamlined manner.

Lightning-fast latency cuts through red tape, boosting productivity across the board.

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