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Regulatory Compliance / Transformation

Precision in Data,

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Calimere Point's role in IFPR Regulatory Compliance for UK Investment Firm

Our client, a UK-based investment firm, engaged Calimere Point to assist with their IFPR regulatory submission. The IFPR, introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and enforced from January 1, 2022, is a significant part of the prudential framework for MiFID investment firms.

Navigating complex regulations, delivering compliance excellence

Benefiting from our regulatory experience, Calimere Point worked alongside our client's senior management to ensure compliance with these intricate IFPR regulations. This project highlights our dedication to supporting our clients in helping to navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape.

Data quality and the accuracy of regulatory reporting continues to be a focus area for the regulator. It is, therefore, important that internal process arrangements implemented to meet these new reporting requirements are reviewed to ensure that they are reliable, with proactive enhancements made where deficiencies are identified.

Industry: Financial Services, Asset Management


Compliance with IFPR Regulation Metrics Reporting

The IFPR regulation mandated firms to implement a revised set of metrics and report them to regulators through quarterly submissions. Ensuring strict compliance with the intricate requirements of IFPR regulations and seamlessly integrating the revised metrics into the firm's reporting process posed a significant challenge.

Accuracy and Transparency in Business Reporting

Our client aimed to guarantee their full compliance with IFPR regulations and sought to present a transparent and accurate representation of their business activities. The challenge was to not only navigate the complexities of IFPR regulations but also to ensure that the quarterly submissions provided a true and fair view of the client's business operations, fostering confidence among regulators and stakeholders.

Data Solution

Prudential Regulation Expertise: Calimere Point's In-Depth Business Model Assessment

Calimere Point, leveraging our deep understanding of the UK prudential regulation, worked with our client to carry out a deep-dive assessment of their business model and the resultant reporting requirements.

Methodology Validation and Compliance Assurance

The exercise validated the methodology applied to balances reported to ensure it complied with the regulations, but also carried out a broader assessment to ensure the completeness of the solution.

Continuous Regulatory Support: Navigating Evolving Business Models

We provide ongoing support to our client to help them continue to navigate the changing regulatory environment as their business model continues to evolve.

Empowering their compliance journey: Trusted validation and dynamic regulatory guidance.

Continuous Regulatory Support

Ongoing support to provide our client with insights as to the changing regulatory landscape and support to fit their changing business model to it.

Cost-Effective Validation

Provided our client with cost-effective, independent validation of the accuracy and completeness of IFPR submissions to the FCA.

With the FCA placing such an emphasis on data quality, and the stakes being high for reporting entities, ensuring the accuracy of submitted data should be a priority for firms in the scope of IFPR.

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