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Wealth Management MIS

Data Analytics


Building a Universal Client-Centric Solution

The Wealth Management division of a major European Investment Bank engaged Calimere Point to deliver a global client MIS solution.

Understanding Client Behaviour

In a fiercely competitive Wealth Management industry, the imperative for enhancing client-centric information accessible to management teams has grown exponentially.

This necessitates the ability to discern and track client activities across all business segments, while also tracing the historical evolution of their behaviour.

Moreover, there's a pressing requirement to amalgamate revenue and cost data related to clients to derive a meticulous insight into client profitability.

To achieve this, we employ a robust comparative analysis of client pricing and activity. This strategic approach empowers us to pinpoint potential revenue avenues for our valued clients.

Industry: Financial Services, Wealth Management


Navigating Data Fragmentation and Compliance Challenges in Global Wealth Management

Our wealth management client operated across 36 booking centres globally. This had resulted in a highly fragmented data landscape which had restricted the development of a universal client centricity.

Given different data secrecy legislation in the different global booking centres, we needed to design a mechanism to allow centralised views of client whilst ensuring compliance.

Data Solution

Defining the data extraction

Calimere Point worked with local booking centre and central teams to define the following elements:

  • Client asset balances
  • Ultimate beneficial owner (“UBO”) information
  • Historic client asset balances and transaction level details – this allowed us to show the evolution of balance changes

Delivering the MIS Solution

Using analytics tooling, we developed logic to load, normalise and aggregate the disparate data sources from each of the booking centres.

The MIS solution was designed to provide granular asset under management (“AUM”) information per account / UBO, giving users the ability to switch between asset or client views.

We allowed the generation of a historical time series which allowed the dashboarding solution to display changes in client positioning.

The outputs of the analytics process where exported directly into Qlikview which provided the front end dashboarding solution.

A robust and repeatable MIS Solution delivered fast

Highly granular analysis empowered client management and sales teams to track client portfolio evolution through a number of different lenses (client, asset, issuer country, currency, client risk appetite).

A set of configurable algorithms developed to monitor and set alerts for significant changes in client / asset allocations with functionality built to overlay target portfolios against client holdings to highlight deltas to allow rebalancing.

The MIS solution developed an early warning infrastructure to inform client relationship managers and senior managers of significant client portfolio changes.

Wealth Management Client Asset Dashboard became imbedded as the go-to solution for global sales and management.


With Calimere Point's data analytics, a leading Wealth Management organisation gained data-driven insights that lead to more efficient and profitable business decisions. 

Total Optimisation

A global Client MIS solution can significantly benefit a wealth management company by improving client relationships, operational efficiency, compliance, and overall business performance. It can enable the company to stay competitive, compliant with regulations, and better equipped to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Conversion of data into insight

One of the biggest advantages of having a wealth of trustworthy data is the opportunity to obtain insights that allow for smarter and more profitable decision-making.

Enabling the client to identify potential revenue opportunities.

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