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Intercompany Trade Reconciliation




Data analytics plays a critical role in strengthening the organisation’s control infrastructure.

A European Banking Client required an urgent solution to its intercompany reconciliation process that dealt with 1.5 mm trades per month in 70+ systems.

Industry: Banking


Multiple Systems

The existing intercompany reconciliation process was a combination of automated reconciliations and manual intervention which was slow, costly and unreliable.


Manual processes had to be used on over a third of the trades.


In addition, the existing automated process was both opaque and inflexible.

Audit & Operational Risk

The existing intercompany reconciliation process also had an audit point.

Data Solution

Enhancing the Reconciliation

An intelligent reconciliation where the business rules are built as modular blocks, allows the process to be layered in a clear manner

Matching Integrity

The matching engine is transparent to users showing the ‘best match’ as well as the matching confidence.

Superior Data

A highly flexible and transparent analytics matching engine was created to replace the client’s existing processes.

Execution time improved by a factor of five: a key audit point requirement.

A multi-day process reduced to a few hours.

Audit point resolved.
Match rate improved, match accuracy improved.
Transparency and visibility over the match logic used to derive a given matched pair, increasing ease of audit and error tracing.
Operational risk deficiencies resolved by significantly reducing manual processes.
Reduced sensitivity to input data.
Simpler and more intuitive application.
Removed an Internal Audit point.

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Peter Griffiths

Co-Founder & CEO
Peter is the co-founder and CEO of Calimere Point and has been with the firm since its inception in 2009. Prior to founding Calimere Point he spent the first 15 years of his career in Investment Banking, working within trading, structuring and risk management disciplines across a number of asset classes. Peter has a Masters in Finance from London Business School, a BSc in Economics and Finance from Oxford Brookes University and is a qualified accountant (CIMA qualification).

Dominique Nelson-Esch

Chief Marketing Officer

Dominique is a multi-disciplinary visual designer, communications and brand strategist, with a two-decade journey in collaborating with startups and SMEs. Her portfolio includes consulting for over 100 businesses globally, where she managed branding, design, and digital communications.

Dominique’s extensive background in financial services equips her with a nuanced understanding of our industry landscape, including 14 years in financial services, holding key roles such as Head of Portfolio Risk Audit and Niche Portfolio Management for major Insurers.

In her current role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Calimere Point, Dominique focuses on strategically positioning and promoting the firm. Her goal is to enhance brand awareness and establish market leadership through innovative marketing strategies that highlight Calimere Point’s expertise in delivering impactful data-driven solutions.