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BCBS 239

The implementation of BCBS 239 poses significant challenges to Investment Banking firms impacted by the regulation

BCBS 239 – A data analytics challenge

Successful implementation of BCBS 239 requires firms to source risk data attributes from disparate sources, normalise this data and track lineage to allow it to be aggregated and reported to regulators.

Delivering BCBS 239

Delivering BCBS 239Our financial markets heritage and data analytics expertise have enabled us to work with our Investment Banking clients to deliver BCBS 239.

Using enhanced data analytics technologies to establish data lineage from risk calculation through to reporting; develop data quality gates to standardise data and construct aggregation logic to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Leveraging data analytics technologies combined with our in-depth risk experience has allowed accelerated delivery of BCBS 239 regulatory reporting solutions for our clients. Our approach ensures all data attributes reported have complete data lineage and quality tests applied to guarantee the validity of reported balances.

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