Calimere Point are thrilled to share some exciting news that underscores our commitment to innovation and the future of data analytics. We are proud to announce the official rebranding of our company and the launch of our new website.

The primary reason behind this internal transformation is to modernise our brand and align it with the cutting edge data analytics and visualisation solutions we provide to our clients. This bold reinvention not only signals a new chapter in Calimere Point’s history but also reinforces our desire to remain at the forefront of this dynamic industry.

Key Highlights of Our Rebranding:

1. Appointment of new CMO

In early 2023, we engaged with communications and brand strategist, Dominique Nelson-Esch. Dominique brings over 24 years of expertise in creative direction and branding, blending visual design and business strategy to lead brand experiences with innovation and impact. Dominique’s branding direction significantly boosted our digital content and visual identity, and she became part of the Calimere Point team in December 2023, as Chief Marketing Officer. Dominique’s extensive background in financial services equips her with a nuanced understanding of our industry landscape. Her track record includes delivering strategic counsel and executing high-level initiatives for both corporate and business-to-business campaigns. Her experience uniquely positions her to craft visually stunning solutions that resonate with our audience.

“A key strength of Dominique is knowledge of our landscape; she understands the financial services and data analytics sectors, and can produce views, opinions and creative ideas accordingly. She has produced excellent research and copy for our case studies, as well collating multiple topics to support our communications.” – Peter Griffiths, CEO

“I am proud to fill the role of CMO for this prestigious, innovative data analytics firm."

My approach as CMO is shaped by industry experience, and I’ve worked with companies of all scales with differing growth plans, enabling them to realign their vision, optimise resources, and develop actionable strategies to move forward with. I couldn’t have joined the team at a more opportune moment as we embark on this exciting rebranding journey. This not only reaffirms our standing as a leader in data analytics within the financial services sector but also lays the groundwork for sustained success and expansion in the foreseeable future." – Dominique Nelson-Esch, Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Our Data Maestros Pioneering Data Analytics and Visualisation

Our people drive our business, and our team of data scientists, analysts and consultants are essential partners to our clients, and are driven to tackle challenges that generate substantial value. Meet the team here.

2. Refreshed Brand Identity

Our new brand identity is a reflection of our commitment to progress and innovation. The updated logo, color scheme, and design elements mirror the dynamic and forward-thinking nature of our offering.

3. Cutting-Edge Solutions

Our rebranding is not just about aesthetics; it symbolises our continuous advancement in data analytics. Our track record in delivering analytics solutions has been unparalleled, and we have gained a reputation in the financial services industry for delivering quantifiable value to our clients. We remain devoted to providing you with the most advanced data analytics and visualisation tools to help you make data-driven decisions effectively.

4. Enhanced User Experience

With our new website, we aim to provide an intuitive user experience, supporting our value drivers with solution-driven use cases:

Data Analytics Driven Automation
Client Analytics
Pricing Analytics & Revenue Uplift
Regulatory Compliance & Transformation
Quantitative Solution Delivery
Capital Optimisation Delivery
Data Visualisation Delivery
Deep Dive Data Lineage

The site is designed to be more intuitive, informative, and responsive, making it easier for you to explore our services and resources.

5. Informative Content

Our website also includes valuable content on the data analytics solutions which have been built to solve targeted industry challenges, and showcasing our solutions across industry verticals.

Analytics Solutions:
AI / Machine Learning
SingleView Client Analytics Solution
SAP Invoice & Tax Reconciliation
CPRA Cloud Analytics-as-a-Service
P&L Attribution Engine
Data Tagging & Standardisation

Financial Services
Advertising and Media
Retail and Leisure

Your support has been instrumental in our journey, and we're excited to embark on this new chapter together. Your trust in our services means the world to us, and we're committed to continually meeting your data analytics needs. Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to connect, our team is here for you. Thank you for being a part of our evolution.