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RiskContainer – risk aggregation & reporting solution

Increasing regulatory pressure to enhance risk aggregation and reporting and to demonstrate such ability

Aggregating risk

Our client had a highly fragmented risk calculation and reporting infrastructure.

The fragmented landscape prevented senior management from aggregating risk data across business lines.

Different risk calculation methodologies meant that a series of standardisation steps were required prior to aggregation.

Designing the RiskContainer solution

Using enhanced data analytics tooling, we scoped and sourced risk information from multiple risk systems.

We established a set of standardisation rules to allow us to aggregate risk calculated under different methodologies.

Using the aggregated risk numbers, we structured the output to comply with regulatory reporting frameworks.

We worked with senior management and trading desk heads to develop an internal reporting dashboarding solution – RiskContainer.

A comprehensive Risk Dashboarding solution delivered fast

Consolidation of existing reporting, removing redundant report content.

Dynamic Drill Down to trade level, allowing management to quickly focus into points of interest.

Agreed & Validated risk information for Front Office and Risk.

Flexibility & Agility so reporting can keep up with changing requirements, (and users have a sandbox).

Light Touch implementation and use of existing infrastructure, allowing relatively fast deployment.

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