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Enabling leaders to identify opportunities to transform their organisations

When others are drowning in data complexity, we connect with context.

Data Analytics

Our Greatest Value Drivers

We've unleashed their greatest asset: their Data

Trusted by clients to deliver data analytics and data visualisation


of proven revenue uplift / cost reduction benefits for our clients

What we do

When others are drowning in data complexity, we connect with context

We have delivered 250+ complex data analytics and visualisation solutions across our diverse client base

Calimere Point is a data analytics consultancy based in the United Kingdom. We provide our clients with value by developing robust data analytics capabilities that enable deeper insight and better decisions.

11.5 million files
2 terabytes of data
200,000 off shore entities
The biggest data leak ever

Our analytics services for matching account names, Panama Papers
Analytics Solutions

Our Latest Innovations

AI / Machine Learning

Those organisations that can harness the power of this technology will be at the forefront of this revolution – Calimere Point can help empower your organisation to embrace the future.

SingleView Client Analytics Solution

An advanced plug-and-play client analytics solution that drives alignment of disparate client data sets through data normalisation and matching algorithms.

SAP Invoice & Tax Reconciliation

Automated analysis and visualisation of SAP invoice data to verify correct balances, eliminating the need to navigate complex SAP infrastructure.

CPRA Cloud – Analytics as-a-Service

An advanced data analytics and visualisation cloud platform that is affordable and fully scalable to empower SMEs.

P&L Attribution Engine

Powerful cloud-based P&L attribution engine for trading firms with impressive data analytics and visualisation to align vital risk and finance metrics.

Data Tagging & Standardisation
Streamline your Data with precision: Introducing cutting-edge Data Tagging and Standardisation Analytics services. More